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HealthMed Marketing is a Google Partner. We speacialize in patient acquisition and retention using the following services:

Logo, Branding, & Graphic Design

Medical Website Design & Development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Local Maps Optimization

Ratings & Reviews

Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, & Retargeting Campaigns

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We offer our clients territory exclusivity to ensure there are no conflicts of interest, and help beat their competition.


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Best Dental Marketing Practices Increase Exposure 60+%

best dental marketing

Best Dental Marketing Practices Increase Exposure 60+%

“The Best Dental Marketing Practices weren’t part of your DAT or Board Exams but play an important role in your practice’s success, and your ability to help patients in need!”
Where do you start? In my professional opinion, the best dental marketing practices come from proven strategy and analytics (stats). Put aside any preconceived ideas and understand you’re not the average consumer/patient, but rather an expert in dentistry. Also, as exciting the idea of having your face and name on a 20-foot billboard you pass every day on the way to the office, it might not be the most effective or efficient way to acquire new, or retain existing, patients.

88 – 90% of all dental questions and inquiries (calls/appointments) start with an online search. (Source: Google Trends.)

Women searching for dental services online

If you’re not on the 1st page of Google or Local Maps, you’re missing 90% of new patients!

Mary, her husband, and two boys moved to Raleigh, NC over the summer. Like many transitioning families they wanted to get settled before the start of the school year. Mary’s children are both in High School and both her and her husband work. Because of their busy schedules, Mary found a realtor, home, set up utilities, and was able to find stores in the area for the necessities like food, clothing, and supplies ALL through internet searches. Think about it, when you need information or services you look online.

Women are more likely to search for dental services online, as are internet users with higher income, education, and insurance. (Source: Google Trends.)

Mary’s husband came home not long after the move complaining of a toothache that had been lingering for a couple days. This immediate need caught Mary’s attention that the boys would need their 6-month cleanings soon, and she was due not long after. They needed a dentist! Like the other 90% of those seeking dentists, she got on Google and searched for “dentist near me.”

83% of patients come from within a 5-7 mile radius of your office. (Source: Nielsen)

best dental marketing

Google puts user’s needs first. The only way Google works as the clear-cut #1 Search Engine is if they provide relevant websites and local businesses to satisfy a search query like “dentist near me.” This typical Google results page showed Mary the dentists in her area according to the geolocation of her internet signal. Only 6% of users click on Ads (PPC, AdWords) while 67% look at the Organic Listings & Maps. She found three offices from her local maps search and looked at their websites to get a better idea about the practices. The first website she went to was unimpressive and gave a bad first impression. The other two seemed like nice offices with friendly staff and dentists, but how would she know anything more about their reputation?

91% Trust Ratings & Reviews they see about you from sites like Google, Facebook, Bing, TrustPilot, and Yelp.

Mary noticed from her Google Search one of the dentists had 83, 5-star reviews! She was impressed but decided to look further, and found another 41 reviews on the practice’s Facebook page confirming that this office was well liked by their patients and her, her husband, and two boys would be in good hands.

best dental marketing So, through this short story example, a dental office now has 4 new patients from using the best marketing for dental practices with the highest return on their investment, and proof they received these new patients from the call tracking and analytics provided by their online marketing partner, HealthMed Marketing.

HealthMed Marketing GUARANTEES a 60+% increase in exposure for your practice. We will implement a proven strategy to make you a top-ranked option to those seeking out your services! Acquire more new patients and increase retention with our help.

A few things about HealthMed:

  • We are a Google Partner, using only Google compliant practices.
  • We only work with one dental practice in a defined territory, giving you exclusivity to our network.
  • HealthMed specializes in websites that convert, search & local maps optimization, ratings & reviews, social & email campaigns, retargeting, click-to-call, and general marketing strategy.
  • We will show you proof of our services through call tracking and analytics, no fluff.
  • You can get your FREE GOOGLE REPORT by clicking here!

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