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HealthMed Marketing is a Google Partner. We speacialize in patient acquisition and retention using the following services:

Logo, Branding, & Graphic Design

Medical Website Design & Development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Local Maps Optimization

Ratings & Reviews

Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, & Retargeting Campaigns

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Optometrist Marketing – Online Solutions

Optometrist Marketing, using HealthMed’s online solutions, is the #1 way to gain more exposure, acquire new patients, and increase retention.  HealthMed Marketing has the largest healthcare backlink network in the U.S., is a certified Google Partner, and offers territory exclusivity to keep you ahead of your competition and in front of patients in need of your services.

Optometrist Website Design, Development, Hosting, Security, and Management

87% validate who you are and what they see offline with an online search.  So, how well does your website represent your practice?  Optometrist marketing begins with having a great 1st impression.  Your website should display your professionalism and provide quality, informative content for potential and current patients.  websites for optometrists

HealthMed Marketing provides fully custom, highly converting websites for optometrists.  We also have the capabilities to securely host your website on our private servers, and take care of management updates so that you and your staff can focus on what you do best for your patients.




Optometrist Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Local Maps Optimization

88% of those in need of an Optometrist start with an online search to get information about their problems and find medical solutions.  83% of your patients come from within a 5-7 mile radius of your office location.  Google, and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing, want to place your practice in front of these patients.  optometrist marketing

So, how do you become a 1st-page option in these organic and local maps search results?

You partner with HealthMed for optometrist marketing, because we are a Certified Google Partner, use 100% Google compliant practices, have the largest healthcare backlink network in the U.S., offer territory exclusivity, and use new patient call tracking and analytics to show our value.

Ranking for your services through SEO and Local Maps requires on-page and off-page optimization.  In fact, search engines like Google look at over 200 factors when rating the various pages of your website for relevancy when a searcher types in a query such as “optometrist near me.”

Our experts make sure your website falls in line with these 200+ factors for proper optometrist marketing, seo, and local maps optimization.  We continually monitor, optimize new content, and build backlink citations to increase your website’s credibility and beat your competition in the search results!

Fill out the form if you have a website and want to know your Google SEO Ranking Authority Score!

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Optometrist Ratings & Reviews (Reputation Management)

healthcare reputation managementTraditional word-of-mouth is now online ratings and reviews.  Reputation management is a critical part of optometrist marketing.  HealthMed has a proven strategy to get you the 5-Star reviews you need to acquire more new patients!

Your goal should be 50+ new ratings and reviews per year and HealthMed’s optometrist marketing, reputation management strategy will ensure you reach that goal.

Daily monitoring and monthly reporting are an important part of your reputation management.  Responding to sub-par reviews, quickly, is also necessary so others searching for your services have an understanding of any negative situations.

Think about the last time you searched for any product or service online.  Did you trust the ratings?  Did you look for an option with a 5-star rating over a 2,3, or 4-star rating?  Would you think more highly of a 5-star optometrist with hundreds of reviews over one with just a few?  Time to get your practice’s reputation management on track!


Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Retargeting, PPC (Pay-Per-Click), and Click-To-Call Campaign

Optometrist marketing can also involve effective, disruptive advertising.  Your message of using up a family’s health spending account to the fastest growing group on Facebook (women over 40) is a highly effective social media marketing campaign!  We can create the entire campaign and target specific demographics within hyper-focuses geographic areas.

Email marketing for optometrists is best used to increase retention.  Building out a campaign to segment groups based upon wants and responses can help you understand your patient base better.

HealthMed has created hundreds of effective digital campaigns for our clients and we’d like to help you increase appointments, too!

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