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HealthMed Marketing is a Google Partner. We speacialize in patient acquisition and retention using the following services:

Logo, Branding, & Graphic Design

Medical Website Design & Development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Local Maps Optimization

Ratings & Reviews

Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, & Retargeting Campaigns

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We offer our clients territory exclusivity to ensure there are no conflicts of interest, and help beat their competition.


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Local Maps Optimization

'Google Trends' shows that 88% of current medical spa clients looking for med spa treatments start with an online search! 83% of your clients come from within a 5-7 mi radius of your spa, and 77% used Google as the LAST step before booking an appointment.
What does Google think of your MedSpa? What percentage of the market share do you capture? What about your competition? Medical Spa Marketing starts here.

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Medical Spa responsive website development

Below are some of the top searches and the results are based on MONTHLY inquiries:

Skin Care – 823,000
Spa – 1,830,000
Botox – 301,000
Massage – 6,120,000
Coolsculpting – 201,000
Hair Removal – 246,000
Laser Hair Removal – 301,000
Facial – 246,000
Microdermabrasion – 201,000
Notice ``Facial`` receives 246,000 searches and ``Microdermabrasion`` receives 201,000. Although you categorize these together Google treats each search query variation separately, resulting in 447,000 searches for the one service!
HealthMed will optimize your med spa for every variation of inquiry relating to every service you offer, so no matter what a prospective client searches you will become a top option! This is proven med spa marketing strategy.

Website Development, Hosting, Security, & Management

Your website is your 1st impression, and the #1 way to convert prospects into new clients. We will build or audit your website to make sure it complies with Google's 200 point algorithm and looks great for visitors seeking out your treatments!
med spa marketing website

Ratings & Reviews

91% of those looking for med spa services trust online ratings, reviews, and testimonials. HealthMed will help you get 5 star 'Social Proof' from satisfied clients and make sure new prospects see this important part of your med spa marketing.
Medical Spa review rating service
med spa 5 star review

Email, Social Media, Retargeting, & Click-To-Call Campaigns

Higher client retention and an increase in services per client can be achieved through engaging those who want to hear from you about your specials, promotions, new services, and regular updates! You can also achieve greater conversions through retargeting and click-to-call campaigns. Contact us to find out how!
med spa social media
med spa mobile marketing

Tracking & Analytics

Get monthly reports showing the results of our partnership, and DAILY lead notifications from the new clients we bring you! HealthMed Marketing knows med spa marketing, and we look forward to hearing from you.
med spa marketing tracking and analytics