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HealthMed Marketing is a Google Partner. We speacialize in patient acquisition and retention using the following services:

Logo, Branding, & Graphic Design

Medical Website Design & Development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Local Maps Optimization

Ratings & Reviews

Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, & Retargeting Campaigns

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We offer our clients territory exclusivity to ensure there are no conflicts of interest, and help beat their competition.


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cosmetic surgery marketing

Cosmetic Surgery Marketing

HealthMed provides proven strategy in the highly competitive field of cosmetic surgery marketing.  Our Google Partnership, healthcare backlink network, and territory exclusivity provide our clients with the competitive edge to gain more exposure and acquire more new patients!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Local Maps Optimization

88% of all cosmetic surgery procedure inquiries begin with a search engine like Google. 67% of all traffic comes from unpaid, organic, search results. Paid advertising accounts for only 6% of all traffic.
Your local market, roughly a 10 mile radius, has thousands of searches every month for your services. How many patients are you missing because they either can't find you or your competition ranks higher? Cosmetic surgery marketing starts here.
cosmetic surgery marketing

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A few examples… Google estimates the following number of searches on a MONTHLY basis:

Plastic surgery – 250,000
Lipo – 201,000
Tummy tuck – 135,000
Breast augmentation – 135,000
Breast implants – 110,000
Rhinoplasty – 90,500
Notice ``breast augmentation`` gets 135,000 searches while a similar search for ``breast implants`` gets 110,000... combined that's 245,000 searches! These search variations are obviously for the same procedure but considered separate by Google.
With proper cosmetic surgery marketing, your practice will be a top result when Google populates the best websites for a user interested in your services! Known as ``longtail`` keywords, HealthMed will make sure your cosmetic practice is optimized for a wide variety of searched terms within the range of services you like to offer the most.

Website Development, Hosting, Security, & Management

HealthMed will do an audit of your website to make sure you not only comply with Google's algorithm but also convert visitors to NEW PATIENTS. (Need a new site? We've got you covered!) Your 1st impression is your website. We will help you manage it through 99.9% uptime hosting and security.
cosmetic surgery marketing

Ratings & Reviews

91% TRUST what is known as 'Social Proofing'... testimonials, ratings, and reviews. In a B2C industry like cosmetic surgery, it is crucial to build trust based upon satisfied patients. We will help you get the 5 star reviews needed to attract NEW CLIENTS!
cosmetic surgery marketing

Email, Social Media, Retargeting, & Click-To-Call Campaigns

Building a following and reminding clients of your services, special offers, updates, and rewards results in patient retention. We don't recommend AdWords (PPC), but retargeting ads and click-to-call campaigns prove a cost effective way to get prospects back to your website and/or make appointments with ease!
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cosmetic surgery marketing
cosmetic surgery email marketing

Tracking & Analytics

HealthMed will prove our abilities in cosmetic surgery marketing by showing you every visitor, lead, and call that come into your office.
cosmetic surgery marketing