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HealthMed Marketing is a Google Partner. We speacialize in patient acquisition and retention using the following services:

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Local Maps Optimization

Ratings & Reviews

Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, & Retargeting Campaigns

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Plastic Surgery Marketing

plastic surgery marketing

Plastic Surgery Marketing

“Plastic Surgery Marketing by HealthMed. Proven to increase new patients and practice visibility, raise retention and client loyalty.”

The world of marketing, the options to create content and the mediums to distribute, can be overwhelming and costly. So, how do you know where to start? Plastic surgery marketing begins with the consumer (patient) behavior.

plastic surgery marketing


In my professional opinion, there’s not a better place to focus your long-term plastic surgery marketing than online. Sure, certain promotions or new procedures can call for offline, more traditional marketing and advertising that will produce results, but the overwhelming majority of patients seeking your services start with a search. Also, might be worth noting that 87% validate WHO you are and WHAT they see offline with an online search!

Now that we know the BEST medium for distribution is online, what marketing content needs to be created in order to attract new patients?

Step 1. Your Website: A better 1st impression.

Your website is the first thing a prospective patient will see. It’s important your practice website reflects the professionalism and expertise of you and your staff. A patient will want to know the procedures you specialize, the look and location of your office, and see positive reinforcements (testimonials and your education/experience). Your website is your brand. Your website is the single most important factor in plastic surgery marketing.

Step 2. Your Visibility: Become a credible option for those seeking your services.

Now that you have a great looking website that properly represents you and your expertise, how will you get prospective patients to your site? SEO (search engine and local maps optimization), ratings, and reviews are the answers.

SEO is the practice of continually monitoring, updating, linking, and creating content to comply with Google’s 200+ factor algorithm, so that when a patient searches for “ex. rhinoplasty” or ANY OF YOUR SERVICES, they find YOUR website! Organic listings can not be purchased. Google’s only concern is their user, so you need to know what their user is searching for (keywords) and what is working for your competition to get them ranked, and then comply with the 200+ factors Google uses to evaluate your website. The same goes for local maps optimization.

The best plastic surgery marketing, or any marketing, by default, is a great endorsement (word of mouth marketing). 91% trust RATINGS & REVIEWS they see about you and your practice online. Being credible and endorsed by many is a big part of your visibility and, in turn, new patients.

Step 3. Build A Following: Promote without paying.

plastic surgery marketingDid you know the fastest growing demographic on Facebook is 40+-year-old women? Facebook is a great place to start a following for your practice. Building a following can translate to email marketing and using other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to let them know about specific promotions or new services, updates, etc. There might be some upfront cost to build your following, but the ability to speak directly to them thereafter is zero! Check out the infographic to the right… those percentages translate to increased new patient contacts and client loyalty.


Now that you have the 3 basic foundation pillars to begin your plastic surgery marketing, you might need a little help to make them a reality. HealthMed Marketing is a Google Partner, with proven strategy and results, specializing in digital solutions for your practice with territory exclusivity!

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